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Aliyah MoveWhen you are searching for assistance with your Aliyah move, this can be one of the most rewarding and exciting decisions that you will make for yourself and your family. At, we will ensure that your decision to make Aliyah is as easy and stress-free as possible. We understand that making Aliyah is an enormous process with special considerations that you will encounter. One of the most common dilemmas that you will face is the process of shipping your most valuable and personal  possessions. Let us assist you with your move so you can focus on the other aspects of your Aliyah.

Consider the vast amount of benefits that you will receive when you choose We offer the following services, to name a few, such as:

Packing, with quality materials

Storage needs

Timing, to meet your schedule

Professional shipping advise and assistance

At we have several storage options and solutions for you when making Aliyah. We use only the most trusted and experienced custom clearers in Israel. In order to avoid delays and problems while in the port of Israel, it is imperative that you have someone who is familiar with the local customs laws. We will be able to clear your shipment, while also avoiding extra costs to you at the port. We have the most trained and professional shipping advisors available anywhere. We will also assist you with any customs inspections.

When you decide to make your Aliyah move, you will need the expert advise of to ensure a smooth transition to Israel. There are various and several impending questions that we will assist you with. We can help you know how long it will take before you can retrieve your possessions. If you find that you have any damaged or missing items, you can call us immediately for our assistance. You may also want to know about insuring your items and making an insurance list. We will assist you through all of these obstacles.

At, we have been shipping items for individuals and families to Israel for over 37 years. Thanks to our user-friendly web site, it’s easy to go to our home page to request a call back. We also have a free newsletter signup to keep you informed and connected when making Aliyah, and after your move, too. You may also contact us at 866.425.5224. We are eager and happy to speak with you and assist you with your questions and concerns through one of the most important and exciting moments in your life.

When you choose to make your Aliyah move, we suggest that you visit for the security and comfort that you desire and deserve. We have the expertise, the know-how and the resources to make this meaningful move a worry-free and stress-free event for you and your family. You can be assured that when you place your trust in us, we will continually strive to ensure that your satisfaction is our goal. Entrust your Aliyah to us.             

Aliyah Move
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Giladi 2a, Jerusalem 93385, Israel

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