Customs Clearing

Kef uses the finest customs clearers that we know of in Israel.

Many of the "nightmare" stories that you may hear or read about, happen at the port in Israel, and it is crucial that you are in good hands, with someone who knows the local customs laws, at this critical stage of your shipment.

Under normal conditions, Kef is able  to clear your shipment quickly while avoiding unnecessary extra fees at the port.



Deliver documents to Kef or Kef Customs Agent 1 week before arrival date of shipment.  Shipments do arrive early, and you will incur fees if documents are not ready.

Container-- You should arrive in the country 1-2 weeks before your shipment.

Smaller shipments (LCL) using rights-- Arrive in the country a few days  before your shipment. Supply a clear copy of your Teudat Zehut before it arrives at port in order to avoid expenses.



Click on and print out the Customs forms.  Sign both pages in Hebrew at (X). Send Kef a clear scanned copy of the signed customs forms.  We may require original copies, depending on the demands of Israeli Customs.  You may be called to a clearer's office to finalize documents. Remember that what you declare is up to you, and Kef has no responsibility or liability if it differs from what is in the shipment.

Customs Form (for download)

Translation (for download)


Tax rights-- If you never cleared a tax-free shipment-- or need an extension after army,  full-time study,  or 6+ months travel-- sign in at the local Customs office.  Bring what you have-- current passports (not kids), teudat zehut, and teudat oleh.

Olim Chadashim/Katin Chozer with NBN:  Contact NBN Government Advocacy Advisor  for help opening a file at the local Customs office.  Please notify Kef when you have received your approval.



Oleh/Katin without NBN 

1st.   Get Teudat Oleh from Misrad Haklita (10 days)

2nd  Get a Teudat Zehut from Misrad HaP’nim (2 weeks)

3rd Register with Customs.




Toshav Chozer

1st.    Register at Misrad HaKlita (the Ministry of Absorption)

2nd.   Regiister with Misrad HaP’nim (Ministry of the Interior)

3rd.   Register with Customs (see below).


Customs Offices, Sun-Thu,  8am-1:30pm:

  • Jerusalem: Kanfei Nesharim 66, Givat Shaul;  Yael 02-6545607 / Mazal 02-654-5610 / Alisa 02-654-5602 / Ilana 02-654-5603  fax: 02-654-5616
  • Tel-Aviv:  Israel Galilee 3a, Rishon LeTzion;  03-942-1703;  fax: 03-942-1704
  • Haifa: Rechov HaAtzmaut 1; 04-835-4863;  fax: 04-862-8469
  • Ashdod:  Rechov Ha'Organim 2 (Forum Building); 08-851-0501; fax: 08-852-8856




Bring to Kef or Kef Customs agent (not Customs, itself):

  1. Customs forms (above)
  2. Photo page of foreign passport (both spouses)
  3. Teudat Zehut (both spouses)
  4. Israeli visa page in foreign passport (both spouses)
  5. Photo page of Teudat Oleh (or letter/stamp  of Toshav/Katin Hozer status)
  6. Page of Teudat Oleh (if you have one) with stamp from Customs office
  7. Photo page of Israeli passport (if any, both spouses)
  8. Invoices of new items not purchased through Kef.

Questions?  Contact Daniel at or 02 673-5043 ext. 102.   Timing information is unreliable--shipments come early and late, so take care of this ASAP.  The outcome of customs clearing can not be guaranteed, though with prompt and focused effort, the chances for success are excellent. 



Customs Inspection At the airport, inspections are the rule.   At sea ports for spot-checks or for cause, Customs usually  X-rays’ about 1 in 25.

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