Home Delivery

Kef International provides in-home delivery services both in Israel and abroad.  

After clearing your shipment through customs, Kef will deliver your goods to destination, and we will place all boxes in the rooms that you want, as well as unwrap the furniture and throw away the debris.

Kef uses the finest delivery crews available, and we strive for success at delivery, as in each stage of your move.

Please ask us about our additional VIP destination services if you want your boxes unpacked and to help you organize your new residence.


Important things to know about your home delivery

The following details will be considered beyond a “normal delivery” and will incur extra costs, please let us know your destination address as soon as you have it:

Stairs – More than 28 steps

Parking – More than 25 meters truck to home entrance

Heavy Items – Carrying items more than 300 lbs, including pianos

Items that need rebuilding – Assembly of goods other than simple, used furniture which our packers disassembled, which you request the delivery crew re-assemble, excluding wardrobes, bunkbeds, flat-pack, ikea furniture, or complicated pieces.

Delivery – Delivery to North of country when container arrives to Southern Port or vice versa

Difficult access or need of a crane.

Pianos – Basic assembly of baby grand or grand piano–does not include


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