Corona Aliyah News

Corona Aliyah News


· There is only one flight a day, with United, and only for Israeli Citizens.

· ELAL may resume flights on May 1st, 15th or later.

· The Jewish Agency is contemplating doing remote interviews.

· Those already accepted for Aliyah can proceed with their plans.

· The possibility of making Aliyah from within Israel is linked to the re-opening of government offices and allowing non-citizens into the country.



Israel has eased the Corona restrictions:

  • Stores are allowed to reopen with limitations, with the exception of indoor malls.
  • Government employees will return to work, once the civil service meets the standards for safe workplaces, which until now only applied to private sector workplaces.
  • The Government continues to provide special grants for those aged 67 and over who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis.
  • Some banks (eg. Bank Hapoalim) are receiving clients based on scheduled meetings.
  • Delta Airlines’ website says that they are booking flights between New York and Tel Aviv starting from May 10th. Unclear if non-citizens will be permitted entry.





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