Please read through the following sections of important documents and return the required completed paperwork by email to the appropriate Kef representative.

Customs Clearing

For any questions about customs clearing, please contact Daniel in our office:

Daniel:, extension 102, or click here to make an appointment to speak to Daniel:

Without tax privileges: 

  1.  Passport picture pages (both spouses);
  2.  Signed Customs forms (#130 & #165-downloads below).  We might need originals


With tax privileges:  New Immigrants or Returning Residents

Send clear scans to: at least 1 week before ETA of your shipment in Israel. Earlier is better. Shipments can be early.

  1. Foreign Passports picture page (both spouses);
  2. Aliya Visa in Foreign Passport (both spouses);
  3. Teudat Zehut [Israeli ID Card] (both spouses);
  4. Teudat Oleh [Israeli New Immigrant card]
  5.  Signed Customs forms (#’s 130, 165  Downloads below–we might need originals.)


Getting import “rights” from Israeli Customs (Meches):

Oleh (or Katin Chozer) with NBN– Upon arriving in Israel, contact the NBN Government Advocacy Advisor for help opening a file at the local Customs office.  Please notify Kef when you have received your approval.

You can also open a file at the local Customs office yourself without a Teudat Zehut. Bring your foreign passports (yours & your spouse) and your Teudat Oleh.

A Toshav Chozer must go to Meches in person before submitting the required documents to KEF.

A toshav chozer or oleh chadash who has “suspended” his status may need to submit to Customs a Certificate of Entry and Exit (בירור כניסות ויציאות מהארץ)  from the Interior Ministry (Misrad HaPanim).

Meches (Customs) Offices are located:

  • Jerusalem: Kanfei Nesharim 66, Givat Shaul;  Yael 02-6545607 / Mazal 02-654-5610 / Alisa 02-654-5602 / Ilana 02-654-5603  fax: 02-654-5616
  • Tel-Aviv:  Israel Galilee 3a, Rishon LeTzion;  03-942-1703;  fax: 03-942-1704
  • Haifa: Rechov HaAtzmaut 1; 04-835-4863;  fax: 04-862-8469
  • Ashdod:  Rechov Ha’Organim 2 (Forum Building); 08-851-0501; fax: 08-852-8856

Customs Offices, Sun-Thu,  8am-1:30pm [hours may vary, Haifa & Ashdod are open later]:

You are welcome to come to Kef’s office in Jerusalem to scan all documents, or you can send faxes and scans to our office.    Do NOT fax copies of ID documents, since they do not come through clearly.

Please contact Daniel Reishtein in the KEF office for any questions regarding Customs Clearing.  Daniel can be reached at:

Phone:  Israel:  02-673-5032 extension 102, USA/Canada:  1-866-425-5224 extension 102

re: grills–there are extra documents to supply and fees to pay.   Please deal with it asap.

Power of Attorney - Form 165

Please sign and email to the Kef office.

Power of Attorney - English

Please sign and email to the Kef office.

Customs Declaration - Form 130

Please sign and email to the Kef office.

Customs Declaration - English

Please sign and email to the Kef office.

Bicycle Letter to Meches

Please fill out and email to the Kef office if necessary.

Please return completed customs paperwork to