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When will we know the final weight/volume?

Sometimes within a day, sometimes after a week or more. Though quite unusual, there are even corrections made after arrival in Israel.

How long before we can get our stuff?

Please refer to our section on Timing for detailed estimates.

If our contract is full pack, will we save money, if we pack some of our own goods?

The price is the same whether we pack everything or you pack some.   To insurance delicates or furniture, they must be professionally packed.    If your contract is for partial pack (or less) and you have the movers pack anything besides delicates and furniture (or whatever is designated to be packed), you may be billed for full pack on the entire shipment.

Will Kef be at pickup/delivery?

The movers are our agents;  do not rely on them to receive or give information.   Damages, missing items, or any problems–call Kef on the spot.

Will we get a bill of landing?

No.  A digital copy goes to Kef;  no hard copy is needed.

Who makes the insurance list?

You do.    Whether insured Lump Sum or by valued inventory, list:

a.    individual items insured for more than $1,500.

b.   the contents of any boxes not professionally packed.  They can be insured for up to $300/box or packing list entry.

If you choose Lump Sum, you are finished.

When is this insurance list due?

Two weeks before pickup.    If by pickup,  Kef has not received a valued inventory or a statement that you will supply one, we insure you for Lump Sum.   Goods are not insured until we receive the list and payment for it and there are late fees for submitting a list after pickup.

For items of special value must we supply an invoice, photos, valuation (even internet), prior insurance policy before pickup or only if there is damage/loss?

Best to supply before, though not required.

If we don’t insure something or under-insure, will someone still compensate us for damage or loss?

Insurance is your only protection against damage or loss.  If you under-insure, you will be under-compensated.

Does the customs office see insurance list?

No.  The insurance list goes only to the insurers.

How best to label goods?

By color and other codes what is going where.   MB (master bedroom, BM (basement), BR1 (1st bedroom), GF (ground floor), K (kitchen), and DNS(do not ship)

Do I have to be home when the packers are there?

Someone who knows priorities must be there at all times.  Time the movers work without direction is billable overtime.

Can I rely on the movers to give or receive accurate information about volume, customs, timing, what’s included, or anything else?

No.  The Kef office in writing is your only source and conduit of information. Especially on the matter of volume, there are too many factors–not the least of which is the way things fit together after packing.  You will be billed at actual usable volume–whether in a container, crated, loose, or palletized.   Assume volume will be 25% higher than estimated and prioritize your goods.      Again, information from movers–about services, timing, volume, whatever–is TOTALLY unreliable.   Review and make use of our instructions religiously.   Similarly assume that information or instructions given to moving teams will not be correctly understood–check and confirm their understanding and their work repeatedly.

Can I help the packers disassemble, pack, or move things?

No.  It not save time or money, and it will put your goods, insurance, and health at risk.  If you want to pack non-delicates, you must give a list of contents and boxes can not be insured for more than $300 each.       During pickup, spend your time  making sure movers take and leave what you want.

How do we make sure the packers take the right stuff?

Use DNS (do not ship) labels, and look around before they leave.  Tell them if they took or left something you did not want them to.   It is your responsibility to make sure they have taken and left what they were supposed to before they leave.  Take your time, look around.     Uncorrected mistakes get more expensive with time.

Ok to leave light things in drawers and files in filing cabinets?

Only if really light and the furniture very strong.   Otherwise furniture could be too heavy and could break apart.

Are any items taxable if I have tax-free privileges?

Gas grill, built in items such as sinks, tiles, 2nd’s of appliances, sports equipment except non-electric bikes, food, disposables.

All of these things could also result in delays, which are expensive if you have your own container.
What if actual volume or weight (v|w) is different from the estimate?

Contracts are often based on an estimate and a minimum.    If you exceed that, you pay pro-rata (total contract $/est. v|w) for additional.     If you ship more than  a container, you are billed for an LCL, less than a full container shipment, including one time fees.  (See rates.)

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