Kef Customer Questionaire

  • Use the name of the spouse with the "better" current rights (i.e. Oleh and Katin Chozer are better than Toshav Chozer). This name must match the name on official documents such as passports and new immigrant card (Te'udat Oleh) that will be submitted to clear your shipment at the port.
  • Re-assembly of goods: Truckers will re-assemble only very simple, used furniture (one table and two beds, without extra charge) and only if you ask them. This may also include putting one piece of furniture on top of another, putting doors back on cabinets, etc. You can request assembly of more complicated furniture for extra payment. What simple used furniture do you think you may need re-assembled?
  • NOTE: If you have an on-site volume estimate, please remember that you must check for completeness and accuracy, sign, and get a copy of the estimate for your records.
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