Net versus Bruto

Net versus Bruto (or Gross) volume and accuracy of truckers


 Volume Estimates: bruto/gross verus net/netto


B. Be clear if your estimate is Net or Gross.   Net is actual measurements. (This may not be written, but you know it is “net”, if a 1.5 cubic foot box is counted as 1.5 cubic feet!) Gross is billable volume after packing and palletizing or crating–the usable space taken by goods.   Packing adds 15-20% to net;  crating or palletizing  adds 15-25% to that.  Much depends on how goods fit standard pallets and crates.


From the Volume Verification form signed by customer

The Total net cu. ft. measured in the container / truck is _____ cubic feet.

*Final volume measure for a less than container size shipment will change up to 15-25% when preparing for a shipment in a lift van or on a pallet.