Payments for Shipments to Israel  
First:    upon signing  20%
Second:  1 week before pickup , 60% plus marine insurance & refundable deposit 
Third:     Balance, 2 weeks after pickup
#1 and #2 can be in US $ or NIS.  
#3 is in shekels only
Shekel payments are always at the steamship rate, 2.5% above the cash rate.
For Shipments from Israel
Estimated total upon signing.
Balance corrected for actual volume/weight, surcharges, and insurance not later than 1 week before shipping.

US $ payment methods.   Easiest and cheapest first. 

  1. ACH (automatic check handling).   Email a voided check or routing and account numbers.
  2.  Chase Quick Pay to
  3. Deposit at a Chase Bank, a check to “Kef International” with “Kef International 250928329”on the back.    This takes 1 week for funds to appear.
  4.  Wire  Chase Bank, 1500 N Vine St, Hollywood, CA 90028; routing #322271627, Account of Kef International, account # 250928329; Swift code: CHASUS33    Add $20 for processing
  5.  Credit Card  Add 3.5% fee for Visa and MasterCard, 4.7%   for cards from outside the United States.  Email your card number, date, cardholder name, and 3 number code.  Sorry, we cannot accept American Express.
  1.  Transfer from an Israeli bank or deposit a shekel check at any Bank Hapoalim.

Hapoalim  12, Branch 748, Acct.  503757, Kef International LTD.    For Shekels ONLY.

FYI:  By far the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way to get shekels is to transfer dollars to

Money Change Y.L, tel. 02-678-0000,  Ron, Isaac, and Itamar.


For any questions about payments, please contact either Joan or Daniel in our office:

Joan:, extension 103, or click here to make an appointment to speak to Joan:

Daniel:, extension 102, or click here to make an appointment to speak to Daniel: