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Turkish rugs add a beautiful touch to any room in your home. These handmade silk rugs are made from some of the strongest materials on earth and are designed to last for decades to come. You can find the very best and most authentic Turkish rugs if you have a chance to visit Turkey. For those who are not able to travel the world, there are also places online where you can buy these gorgeous rugs as well.

How to Find Out if a Dealer is Selling Authentic Turkish Rugs

The biggest issue when it comes to buying a Turkish rug is they are not always authentic. A traditional handmade authentic Turkish rug can cost between $1,500 and $13,000 or more. That’s because so much time and effort was put into making the rugs by hand. Buyers who are unaware of what to look for when determining whether a rug is real, or fake may end up paying far too much for a Turkish rug that wasn’t handmade.

There are a few signs to look for that will tell you if your rug is not authentic. If it has a hard plastic back, that means it is made from synthetic material and the plastic material is holding the rug together. This is not present on traditional handmade rugs. Other signs include if the colors are bleeding due to chemical dyes, the fringe is glued on or sewn, and if it is not hand knotted.

Where Can I Buy a Turkish Rug Online?

If you are unable to travel to Turkey to buy a rug direct from the source, there are many online stores available where you can order handmade Turkish rugs. This makes it much easier to find the exact type of rug you want, and you never have to leave your home.

By doing a simple online search about buying a Turkish rug online, you can find a number of dealers available all throughout the world to order a rug from.

Be Aware of Scams When Buying from an Online Dealer

Buyers do need to be careful when ordering Turkish rugs from online dealers. Ordering a rug online makes it impossible to examine it beforehand so you have no idea if you are going to get exactly what you paid for. To help ensure that what you are ordering is authentic, read up on customer reviews about the website to find out what others had to say about the product they received.

It is always best to order a rug from a well-established buyer that has been in business for several years. If you buy from a dealer who has only just recently started selling rugs, then you could run into some serious issues. Take the time to learn more about the seller and the products they offer before you place your order.  You could also look up similar rug styles and see what they are selling for on other websites. Doing so could help you avoid paying thousands of dollars for a rug that in reality cost less than $500 to make.

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