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Making Aliyah is one of the most exciting and difficult things an individual or family can do.

Aliyah Shipping is one of the most important parts of your move to Israel. Kef International is here to make it is easy for you.

We understand that making Aliyah is a huge transition and how important it is that the process of Aliyah shipping go smoothly. KEF was founded with this goal in mind.

Below you can find concise and highly informative resources to help you with your move and sending your lift from start to finish.

Aliyah shipping doesn’t have to be difficult.

We hope that the information and services we provide help create a successful move to Israel.

Shipping Simplified

Types of Shipments

Make the best decision for your move by understanding volume and the different shipment options.


Stress-free shipping when you know your timeline.

Free On-Site Survey

Get an on-site volume estimate to get a quote


Kef provides full packing services and packing materials for your international move.


Choose your storage solution whether it is local, abroad, at the port, or in private or commercial storage.

Customs Clearing

Have the hassle taken care of for you with our expert foreign customs clearers.

Home Delivery

Kef uses the finest delivery crews available to bring your shipment straight to your door.

Marine Insurance

Kef offers fair, responsible coverage for your shipment working with trusted insurance companies.

Vehicle Importing

Import your valuable vehicle with Kef’s experienced and quality shipping crews.

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