Rates & Fees

Click on each blue word for an explanation and discussion.  “/” between words means, “and/or” in the Kefipedia.

1. Timing.   Timing is uncertain, and we do our best to keep you up-to-date.

2. Volume.  On your estimate, note the difference between net and bruto, the billable volume of your goods.  The first volume survey is without charge. Additional surveys are $125 each.

3. Storage. You must let us know as soon as possible if, when, and where you may want storage.

4. Rates and Fees.  All likely charges are included in your signed agreement.  We do our best to keep this page updated, but rates and fees may change without notice.

Standard fees and rates for shipping to Israel and shipping from Israel and  exceptional ones that we knew to anticipate, are already in the signed part of the contract.  If there is a difference between what appears below and what appears in the signed part, the signed part is what counts.   Rates and Fees assume a normal density of 6.5-7.0 lbs/cubic foot, include Kef handling fees, and may change without notice.   This web site is updated continually.   VAT (17%) applies to Israel-based fees, even for Olim. When two billing options appear, most often the greater will be billed.  Additional costs may apply.

Refundable deposit
The purpose of this deposit is to deal with unexpected fees (eg. storage, container rental, taxes, difficult access, extra heavy items..) in a way that will not hold up delivery.      Due with second payment and refunded 2-6 months after receipt of shipment.  The amount of the deposit will be doubled if the 1st questionnaire after signing is not fully completed and submitted before the 3rd payment is due.

LCL–less than full container

min $100

20’/40’/40’HighCube FCL (container load)

min $250/350/400

replacement  one unskilled (not a carpenter)refund check or failure to notify address change   min $25
vehicle  min $400

Other Origin Fees

 All FCL (exclusive container) shipments are, unless otherwise stated, Live Load–the container is loaded at the customer’s home and goes directly from there to the port.  The cost of bringing the goods to a warehouse (usually for storage or to add more goods) and then loading the goods into a container, is double handling.

at least  $1/cubic foot

Min $200

Except for those in hard cases or pianos insured for less than  5,000, instruments not in hard cases,  must be crated to be insured.  When Kef recommends crating, it is required for insurance. 

min $18/cubic foot;  piano crates are often less (min $250-700)

Certificate of Origin for taxable items made in and shipped from the US, or made in and shipped from Europe

min $75 per invoice/supplier

Pickup and handling of piano    min $150-400
UPS/Fedex or other transport for special order items or certificate of origin

Per www.fedex.com www.ups.com minimum $30, cost plus 20%

Packing and carrying of goods beyond what the contract provides for  (i.e. of books, clothes if contract is partial pack, of anything if contract is no-pack)

the greater among:  min $0.60/cft of overall shipment, min $250,  or  min $1.25/cft of actual items. min. 50 cubic feet, or the full packing price previously quoted

Disorder of goods at site. Failure to prioritize and segregate goods and clearly present the priorities in lists and labels, sent to Kef and the packers at least 3 days before packing.

at least 5% surcharge on door to door charges.  If this disorder and/or lack of clearly presented priorities causes a day to be added to the packing/pickup, at least $590/day.

Cancelling or rescheduling pickup and/or packing within 8 workdays of scheduled date         min $175-$250
Packing of large, delicate fixtures requiring disassembly and/or a chandelier box  min $175-400
Holding LCL shipment, additional pickup or adding goods min 175/event plus costs
Container holdover (i.e. non-readiness of shipment, export customs, rail problems)

min $400/week (very unusual)

Trucking of appliances

Per weight and distance, min $125

Receiving of goods to freight forwarder

$40 per delivery

(re-)packing of goods delivered to forwarder or at home

min $0.35/cft of overall shipment, or min $1.25/cft of actual items

Insurance list or corrections submitted after pickup (or delivery to warehouse) or not in an Excel sheet

5% of premium, min $75

Creating insurance list with or for customer, including web searches, if necessary.

min $75

Arranging/confirming pickup/delivery for goods not ordered through Kef

min $25/supplier or  min $10/line item, whichever is greater

More than estimated weight or volume (No change or refund/credit for less weight/volume)


Investigating and/or obtaining permits, licenses, or making non-standard presentations (eg. to customs, retailers..)


min $175/hour or part thereof including travel time

Packing list for self-packed shipment

min $155

Searching for and removing or otherwise “processing” items after delivery to warehouse or loading container

From warehouse min $25-300 per item, from container min $300-450 per item

Storage at origin

$120/month minimum, min $0.45-0.55/cubic foot/month. For container, add double handling min $0.75/cubic foot

Additional pickup

min $125-400, depends on distance

Congestion/Fuel Surcharge:

min $85/$110/$220/240

Destination Difficulties

More than 2 floors (28 steps), the sum of  inside, outside, up, and down steps

min. $.025/cft/step, Min $55/floor or part thereof

Long carry–More than 25 meters distance truck loading door to entrance to apt or house minimum $0.0125/cft/meter, Min $100/25 meters
Hoisting with cables

minimum $225/hour or part thereof

Ladder crane

min $125/hour -$250 min.

Arm crane        28 meters                                                          42 meters  min  $200/hour–$400 minimum                   min       $250/hr–$500 minimum
Porterage of items above 300 lbs. including piano.  Delivery to ground floor only.   Re-asssembly is not included.

min $275 to $550

per heavy item

more than 30 boxes of  books

 min $210/30 boxes or part

Not informing Kef office at least 1 month  in advance of possible or likely destination difficulties (eg. heavy items, long carry, difficult access) including though not limited to those listed above.

min 25-50% increase of above charges

Basic assembly of baby grand or grand piano–does not include tuning

min $300-$500

Assembly of goods other than simple, used furniture which our packers disassembled, which you request the delivery crew re-assemble, excluding wardrobes, bunkbeds, flat-pack, ikea furniture, or complicated pieces.   Simple = not more than 30 minutes work for one unskilled (not a carpenter)                           min $70-250/piece

min $65 per hour per worker

bunk bed $120 min

Delivery to North of country when container arrives to Southern Port or vice versa

Min extra $1.25/cubic foot, minimum $250

Most areas over the Green Line.

Delivery outside of Central Israel

Beyond 70 km from Ashdod or 60 km from Haifa

(all the above are in addition to the previous row)

Min extra $1.25/cubic foot, minimum $250

2nd delivery  lcl/20’/40’/40’HC  same/different city (minimums)

same price for 3rd, 4th, etc.

lcl $245 /$295 min

20′ 350/420 min

40′ 450/500 min


 LCL-less than container load

This is a shipment that is sent together with other shipments, sharing a shipping container.   Unless otherwise arranged, it is the manner in which overflow from an exclusive container is shipped.     If it does not go on the same vessel as the container, it is counted as a separate shipment (another one of 3 for new immigrants, one of 2 for returnees.)     It is more expensive on a per cubic foot basis, both because you have to pay the minimum charges for each stage in the shipping process and because goods are crated or palletized, which adds 15-25% to the billable volume, compared with the net volume inside of an exclusive container.   Typically minimum volume is 150-200 cubic feet, and costs are minimum $1,850.     This can work out to be 1.5-2.0 times the per cubic foot costs in an exclusive container, once you take all the peripheral charges into account.

Documents/bill of lading shipping to Israel

min $75-115

 usable volume taken up by your goods

min, that volume times a per cubic foot rate of 1.5 times total container costs divided by total volume used

Israel agents’ fee

min $75

Terminal handling charges

min $40

Port fees

min $46/1000 kilos or part, $46 min

Devanning (empty container at port)

min $0. 70/cft, min $65


min $70

Preparation of clearing documents.    Customs declaration of more than 1 page adds $35 to this fee

min $35  Customs declaration of

more than 1 page adds $35 to this fee

Customs clearing and delivery

min $1.35/cft, min $380

Second or more deliveries

at the same time on the same truck, without sorting

same city min $245, diff city min $295


Other (less common) Fees at Origin and Destination

Extra time working or waiting because of difficult access– narrow entries, stairwells, elevators,  delays,  disorganized goods, sorting, removing goods at site,  changing instructions, etc..

$65/person hour or part thereof, min $100.

plus $110/hour for container (more than 2 hours for a 20′, 3 for 40′)

Sorting of goods for multiple delivery.

min $225/hour, $300 minimum

Double handling

           min $1.00/cubic foot,

$200 minimum

Change of name for shipment

min $110

Refusal or  change to date or location of delivery requested by customer.

min $145/instance plus costs;  if on the same day, min $600 + costs

Shuttle, an added smaller truck or tractor.  You may order a shuttle in advance or wait to see if truck finds parking nearby.  If not found nearby, you pay distance carry (more than 25 meters truck door  to home door) or waiting time for truck and crew, until shuttle arrives.

shuttle  min $220/trip + min $0.60/cubic foot

distance more than 25 meters: min $0.40/cubic foot/25 meters or part

waiting time:  min $125-225/hour

3rd party, i.e. steamship, fuel, general rate increase, customs, customs clearing, multi-page customs declaration, storage, etc..

Cost + 10%, min

Comparing the list of goods on the bill of lading with the list of goods on the volume estimate (you can do this on your own)


Licensing and processing of new gas grill.  1 per family.


Separate billing for hitchhikers component shipment.

Unpacking of boxes.

$65 min/hr.

$10 min/box

Uncommon Destination Fees

For container load — emptying container at the port in order to store:

minimums $350/550/650

Moving the container from the port to LCD warehouse

minimum $210 (20)   $320 (40)

Visit by Kef to site for any reason, esp evaluate/strategize destination access

$125/hour or part thereof

End of voyage declared by steamship company in country not requested

minimums 20’/$1000, 40’/$2000

Negotiations with customs or shipping agents (e.g. attempting to arrange deposit of what taxes would be, until tax-free status is acquired, when shipping to Israel)

min $270

War or strike surcharges

min $210-1200/40’, often split equally for LCL

Calls to customs to expedite clearing

min $35/each

Failing to list items accurately and completely on packing list a/o customs declaration

min $125/item

Kef surcharge on port fee on taxed goods

min 15%   of tax

Customs Inspection LCL/20’/40’/40’HC

minimums $220/400/650/750 + minimum $186 to move container back and forth, plus nis 250/hour waiting time

Taxes on used goods for non-Oleh including Kef handling

minimum $2.58/cft

x-ray inspection

min.  $ 220 + minimum $186 to move container back and forth, + nis 250/hour waiting time

Obtaining permits, licenses, or making non-standard presentations to Customs

min $175/hour or part thereof including travel time.

Kef clearing surcharge for taxable items

min 15%   of tax

Vehicles (other fees on this page may also apply)

Israel side fees: port, docs, changes to car, etc. Very approx.  min $500
Customs clearing including Arranging of import license for the car min $800

Appliances (other fees on this page may also apply)

Disassembly of appliances to allow entry

min $40-60

Removal of old appliance (s) min $125/appliance

 Kef assumes no liability for loss or damage to goods or site, and any claims, whether made by your insurance company, yourself, or any other agent,  would have recourse to Kef agents only – including but not limited to warehouses, steamships, forwarders, and truckers – and under no circumstances to Kef itself.

If the customer does not pay their bill on time, and if Kef does nothing, the exposure will increase significantly, Kef may at its sole discretion take any and all measures to reduce that exposure (eg. transferring the goods in a container to storage at the port, instructing that the shipment not be cleared until the bill is paid in full, etc.) Goods in storage can be moved by Kef or its agent without notice of any kind.

In any and every case where Kef deems in it’s best professional opinion it is best to change the usual flow of procedures, it may do so without consulting with or getting permission from the customer.    This includes, but is not limited to:

a.   taking the container out of the port earlier than required

b.   emptying a container into the port or private storage

c.    clearing a shipment before the customer is ready to take delivery

d.   situations that will reduce exposure of the customer to additional charges or inspections

All 3rd party charges not specifically included in the contract are entirely the responsibility of the customer, including, though not limited to storage and delays resulting from changing shipping schedules, availability or unavailability of containers, traffic congestion, and all instances of force majeure.