If you want help paying for your shipment, here are organizations offering grants to help with aliyah shipping.

Many of our customers have taken their money and there are no-strings-attached. They are not missionaries, and they refuse no-one.

Cyrus Foundation

Deborah Kellogg (Director)

PO Box 271693 Fort Collins, CO 80527-1693

Office: 970-223-3307; Fax: 970-223-1985

Email: PTWmin@juno.com

Joy Schneider (Administrative Assistant) Email: jschneider@cyrusfoundation.org

Web: www.cyrusfoundation.org

Operation Exodus USA

  1. Smith (Aliyah Director)
    P.O. Box 568 Lancaster, NY 14086
    Office:716.681.6300 Fax: 716.681.6304
    Email: SLawrenson@operationexodususa.org
    2nd email: DSmith@operationexodususa.org

Web: www.operationexodususa.org


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