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Important Export Info

If you used customs privileges to import goods AND/OR a vehicle within the past six years , you will have to show customs that you did one of the following with the goods you imported–exported them, paid taxes on them, transferred them to another oleh.  To accomplish any of those tasks, you will have to provide customs documentation of your import.   FAILURE TO DO THIS OR ANY OTHER DELAYS RESULTING FROM YOUR STATUS AND DOCUMENTS MAY RESULT IN significant EXPENSES–STORAGE, EMPTYING OUT OF THE CONTAINER, ETC..

If you are not present in the country of destination and cannot give full assistance to customs clearing  as soon as the shipment arrives and  accept delivery when available, it may be put off several days.       Storage, demurrage (container rental), and other delay-related fees are yours to pay.  They are very expensive, especially for full containers.   You must be present in the country at the time your shipment arrives in the country. Please take into consideration that shipments can arrive a week or more early (or late).

Customs Inspection

Customs Inspection LCL/20’/40’/40’HC $220/400/650/750 + $150 to move container back and forth

In Canada:

Containers have 24 hours to clear and p/up. After that, charges are   $200/day;  after 4-6 days, there are steamship company charges for demurrage as well.   Less than full container shipments are charged Can $10/cbm per month +GST, if they are already cleared.  If not cleared, the charge is $80/day.  Please note: returning residents to Canada must themselves appear before the customs authority and cannot be represented only by a customs clearer.


Per US Customs regulations, you must be in the United States prior to the goods arrival—otherwise there could be substantial additional charges.


To New York, sailing 19-25 days


$5-8/person/hour    Not required and movers cannot request tips.

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