EIN Instructions

If you have a foreign (i.e. Israeli passport), you do not need to read any further–please give us the number right away.

We need it before pickup date.     If not, please keep reading.


The U.S. Census Bureau requires all U.S. Citizens shipping household goods to obtain a personal EIN (Employee Identification Number).

You can do it by calling 1-800-829-4933 or on-line as follows:


1.            Go to Ein

2.            At the bottom of the page, click   APPLY ONLINE NOW.

3.            Click Begin Application.

4.            Choose “Sole Proprietor”, then click   Continue.

5.            Again select “Sole Proprietor” and click Continue.

6.            Choose any reason for asking for an EIN.  Then click Continue.

7.            Fill in your name, address and SSN.  Select “Sole Proprietor” and click Continue.

8.            Leave the field for “Trade Name” blank and enter United States as the country where the sole proprietor is located.

9.            Select your State of origin and enter today’s date as “Sole Proprietor Start Date”.  Click Continue.

10.          Answer “No” to the five questions on this page and click Continue.

11.          Select “Other” for “What does your business or organization do”.  Click Continue.

12.          Select “Other” as your business’ activity and enter “relocation” in the blank field.  Click Continue.

13.          Choose “Receive letter online” and click Continue.

14.          Your EIN number will appear.  Print and save for your records.


Once you have the number please send it to us.  We need the EIN # before your pickup date.  Delays can be costly.