Payments & Deposits

When you pay, please tell us!

For any questions about payments, please contact either Joan or Daniel in our office:

Joan:, extension 103, or click here to make an appointment to speak to Joan:

Daniel:, extension 102, or click here to make an appointment to speak to Daniel:


How to Pay

Payment in Shekels

Best:  Deposit to any Bank HaPoalim or transfer to Kef International LTD

Mail check to Kef office.

Cash 1% surcharge +$10.

Unless otherwise agreed, shekel payments are at steamship rate (shar sapanoot) 2.2% above the high cash rate.

In case you have not yet set up a bank account in Israel when shekel payments are do, we suggest you make use of one of the money changers.  They are much less expensive, much more quick, and much more oriented towards customer service. You will save money and nerves.  We have had excellent experience with this company.    AACI also has a similar system.


Money Change Y.L--Yad Harutzim 18, Achim Israel Mall,, 054 800 1514, 054 800 3211, Ron, Issac, Itamar




ACCOUNT NAME: MONEY CHANGE Y.L (Important!)      You will have to fax/email a copy of Israeli ID card/ Driving license or Foreign Passport and for larger transactions, sign a declaration that you are changing money.



Payment in Dollars 


Best:   Chase has a quick, easy, and free system

Good: Email check--marked "void".  1st and 2nd payments will be taken on/about due date without additional notice and appear on your bank statement as “Automated debit from Neil Kummer".


OK:  Wire to Chase address above, routing #322271627. Add $20

OK: US Credit Card or  PayPal.   Add 3.5%.   For non-US card, 4.70%.   No AMEX or 3rd party cards. You waive the right to dispute charges or request charge-back for any reason.  There are additional charges noted below for payments due in shekels.

EH: $ transfer to Israel, Bank HaPoalim account above.   Add 2.5% + $25

OK:  Cash 1% surcharge +$25


Canada and Europe

Ask bank to transfer or mail a US $ check to the Kef account at Chase in Kentucky (see above).    Permission to pay agents directly must be in writing.  Surcharges as above.

**Notify us ASAP when, how, and how much you paid.

**Except by written agreement, all payments are to Kef.


Timing and Choice of payment options.  Payment will be considered to have been received when it is in a form which Kef can use and transfer, in our bank account or in cash. Kef reserves the right to refuse payment by ACH and/or credit card.


Exchange Rates and Foreign Currency Fees

Payments in shekels are at steamship rate, 2.2% above high cash.  For import to Israel, it is best to make first   payments in foreign currency and the final payment in shekels. If you give us foreign currency, when you owe shekels at the shipping rate, the surcharge is 6.5%.




When to Pay

Household Goods or Car

1st 20% On signing $ or NIS
2nd 60% +

insurance + security

not later than 5 days before pickup. $ or NIS
3rd Balance Two weeks later at steamship rate.  25 days later if from the West Coast. NIS


Upon delivery:  Charges not previously known, such as extra floors or crane for goods that do not fit in the elevator, extra heavy/dense/delicate items, extra distance, etc.  will be taken by ACH without further notice.



Export from Israel-- In full upon signing.


Appliances (Imported)

With household goods In full On signing $  or  NIS
Alone 70% Upon signing $ or NIS
Balance Upon shipping NIS ship rate



Appliances (Local Supply)

In full

On signing





Refundable deposit
For storage, container rental, or other fees above what you were charged.   Due with second payment and unused balance  refunded 2-6 months after receipt of shipment.  The amount of the deposit will be doubled if the 1st questionnaire after signing is not fully completed and submitted before the 3rd payment is due.

LCL--less than full container


20’/40’/40’HighCube FCL (container load)


replacement refund check or failure to notify address change $25
vehicle $400


Late/non-payment or  rejected credit cards/checks

Late payment, bad checks, unapproved/returned credit cards or checking accounts. Payments not received within 2 business days of date due or checks, credit card, or automatic withdrawal payments returned or not honored for any reason may delay goods/services and  incur a 5% surcharge in addition to fees (i.e.  cancelled check ($25), unapproved checking account/credit card ($12), storage, demurrage.)   Late payments accepted by transfer or direct deposit only.
Non-payment and abandoned goods Goods become the possession of Kef and monies paid to date taken towards Kef charges to date for work accomplished and committed to as well as cancellation fees if:   a) 3/4 of the amount billed to date is not received within 2 months of signing or latest billing,  b) full payment of the amount billed to date is not received within 3 months of signing or latest billing, the later,  or c)  goods are left for more than 2 weeks at office/warehouse without written agreement and full payment to date.  The customer will, in addition to billing to date, be liable for cancellation fees of 10% +vat on Kef charges for work to date including charges for  disposal of the goods.




The customer or Kef may cancel part or all of the contract for any reason.    If Kef deems that it is possible to cancel, the customer will pay:  

Within 5 days of signing. Charges for work to date  and future liabilities and commitments at Kef rates plus 6% of total contract
More than 5 days after signing. "                         "   plus 10% of total contract
Appliance order As above, plus 25 % restocking fee, if restocking is possible.


“Contract” refers to the greater of the two amounts:

1.   The original contract, or

2.   Billing to date, had the customer proceeded with the contract.


All likely charges --and unlikely ones we anticipate--are in your signed agreement.   VAT (18%) applies to Israel-based fees, even for Olim.   Rates and fees  assume a density of 6.5 lbs/cubic foot, include Kef handling fees, and may change without notice.   For differences between the above and the signed pages of your contract, the signed pages have authority. When two billing options appear, the greater will be billed.


If the customer does not pay their bill on time, and if Kef does nothing, the exposure will increase significantly, Kef may at its sole discretion take any and all measures to reduce that exposure (eg. transferring the goods in a container to storage at the port, instructing that the shipment not be cleared until the bill is paid in full, etc.)