Chart of Volume Estimates

*Packing, palletizing, and crating each add 15-25% to billable volume, the usable volume taken up by your goods.   These percentages are approximate, and they can vary widelyaccording to how close you come to existing sizes of pallets and crates. All shipping to Israel and all shipping from Israel is done in shipping containers.   Some goods in exclusive containers are also palletized and/or crated.

DescriptionNet Cubic Ft
Living/Family Room
Bench, Fireside or Piano5
Bookshelves, Sectional7
Chair, Arm10
Chair, Occasional10
Chair, Overstuffed25
Chair, Rocker20
Chair, Straight9
Clock, Grandfather30
Day Bed44
Desk, Small or Winthrop30
Desk, Secretary45.0
Fireplace Equipment5.0
Foot Stool5.0
Lamp, Floor or Pole4.0
Magazine Rack2.0
Piano, Baby Gr. or Up.80.0
Piano, Parlor Grand90.0
Piano, Spinet65.0
Rugs, Large Roll or Pad30.0
Rugs, Small Roll or Pad10.0
Sofa, 2 Cushion45.0
Sofa, 3 Cushion65.0
Sofa, 4 Cushion75.0
Sofa, Sectional, Per Section40.0
Tabels, Dropleaf/Occasional18.0
Tables, Coffee, End or Nest10.0
Telephone, Stand & Chair8.0
Television, Table Model10
Dining Room
Bench, Harvest15
Cabinet, Buffet40
Cabinet, Corner25
Cabinet, China70
Chair, Dining10
Table, Dining60
Tea Cart20
Curio Cabinet24
Bed, Double Size60
Bed, King Size with box90
Bench, Dresser or Vanity20
Bed, Single or Hollywood40
Bed, Roll Away20
Bed, Bunk (Set of 2)70
Bedside Table5
Cedar Chest15
Chaise Lounge25
Desk, Small, or Winthrop35
Dresser, Double50
Rug or Pad, Large10
Rug or PadSmall or Pad3
Vanity Dresser20
Wardrobe, Small20
Wardrobe, Large40
Toy Kitchen5
Youth Bed30
Chair, Child's8
Table, Baby Changing10-15
Table, Child's5
Crib, Baby10-13
Play Pen10-12
Rug or Pad, Small3-10
Breakfast Suite Chairs10
Breakfast Table20
Chair, High10
Ironing Board4
Serving Cart20
Utility Cabinet10
Vegetable Bin3
Air Conditioner, Window10
Dryer, Electric or Gas25
Range, Electric or Gas30
Vacuum Cleaner5
Washing Machine25
Microwave Oven7
Bird Bath/Statue5
Chairs, Lawn5-10
Chairs, Porch10
Garden Hose and Tools15
Glider or Setee20
Ladder, Extension10
Lawn Mower, Hand5
Outdoor Child's Slide10
Oudoor Child's Gym20-40
Outdoor Swings30
Picnic Table20
Picnic Bench5
Porch Table10
Rocker, Swing15
Sand Box10
Ash or Trash Can7
Basket (Clothes)5
Bicycle, Kids5
Bicycle, Tricycle5
Bird Cage & Stand5
Cabinet, Filing5-12
Carriage, Baby20
Chairs, Folding1
Clothes Hamper5
Cot, Folding10
Fernery or Plant Stands10
Foot Lockers5
Golf Bag/Clubs5
Heater, Gas or Electric5
Metal Shelves5.
Music stand4
Ping-Pong Table20
Pool Table40
Power Tools10
Sewing Machine10
Step Ladder5
Table Utility1
Tackle Box1
Tool Box10
Wagon, Child's5
Waste Paper Basket2
Work Bench20
Cartons, China Barrels6
Cartons, Less Than 1.5 CuFT1.5
Cartons, Small (Book)2
Cartons, Medium3
Cartons, Mirror3
Cartons, Flat Wardrobe4
Cartons, Stand-Up Wardrobe15
Large Cartons4.5


Crating     Packing, crating, and palletization can each add 10-25% to the volume.     Factors that can make the total figure much higher, even over 100% are:   1.  Goods with a wide variety of shapes and sizes can result in large sections of unused space and more settling, as in a cereal box.   2.  Crates under 200 cubic feet have a greater liklihood of unused space, usually at the top.   There are fewer options of ways to combine items  3.   Delicate goods need isolation,  often leaving empty space above and around them.

Lift Vans are crates that are not built to the size of goods.    Though crates provide the best security against breakage and loss, they are the least efficient use of space.  If goods do not fit perfectly into available crates, there is more unused space than on pallets.

Your forwarder might have crates of  75, 150, 200, 220 or 250 cubic feet, though 200 is most common.  Inside measurements of a standard crate are 84” W, 84” H, 45" D. Externally in meters:  2.2m W x 2.2m H x 1.2m D.  Depending on the forwarder, crates may be standard procedure or by special order.