Volume Estimates: bruto/gross versus net/netto

Be clear if your estimate is Net or Gross. Net is actual measurements. (This may not be written, but you know it is “net”, if a 1.5 cubic foot box is counted as 1.5 cubic feet!) Gross is billable volume after packing and palletizing or crating–the usable space taken by goods. Net volume is the volume used for estimating the contents of an FCL shipment(exclusive container); crating or palletizing adds roughly 15-25% to the net volume for LCL shipments. Much depends on how goods fit standard pallets and crates.

From the Volume Verification form signed by customer

The Total net cu. ft. measured in the container / truck is _____ cubic feet.

*Final volume measure for a less than container size shipment will change up to 15-25% when preparing for a shipment in a lift van or on a pallet.