Filing a Claim

We are sorry to hear that you have damages and/or losses.   Please click here to file a marine insurance claim.

Claims process: If goods are damaged or missing, photograph the evidence – packing materials and broken items/glass. In the case of claims above $10,000, save evidence until the surveyor comes. You have 45 days to register a claim and another 90 days to submit all supporting documents.  There is no survey for damages under $10,000; repair/replacement estimates are sufficient. If likely damage exceeds $10,000, the insurance company will hire a surveyor.

Missing items: 

You MUST make a count of items as they come off the truck–noting shortages. Otherwise it will not be possible to claim missing items; use the bingo sheet, whenever possible.   If goods were loaded from your home directly into your exclusive container and then from the exclusive container, directly into your home, it is, nearly impossible  to make a case for missing goods.   In any case, make a claim IMMEDIATELY after you become aware of missing items.

Keep the evidence – packing, broken items, even glass.  You have 45 days to submit a claim, then 90 days to provide supporting documents.  If likely damage exceeds $10,000, the insurance company will hire a surveyor.

Replacement Estimates     For missing items, please include packing lists with the missing items highlighted and any/all of the following, especially for high value goods:   invoice, prior insurance policy, photos, assessor document, pro-forma invoice (offer of sale) from a store or web site with photos.

Damage Repair Estimates:   Require of your repair estimator that his list of damages:

1.      Includes an estimate of replacement value (in destination country) in the condition it was in before it was shipped.

2.     Includes packing lists with the damaged/missing items highlighted.

3.      Takes into consideration the code for pre-existing conditions (eg. sc, br..) which appears for each item on the packing list

4.      States the likelihood that current damage was caused during shipping.

5.      Photographs of damaged sections closeup and from a distance.

6.       For high value goods:  previous insurance policies, invoice

We have had good experiences with the following companies for furniture damage estimates and repairs.

RESTORNO Furniture Repair    great for furniture and upholstery    02-650-8777


Furniture Doctor–David Shafner, Beit Shemesh Prompt, professional,  absurdly overpriced. 054-494-6649 050-476-0397
Robert Cohen,  Talpiot Expensive.  Specializes in antiques. 02-671-6332

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