Filing a Claim

We are sorry to hear that you have damages and/or losses.   Please click here to file a marine insurance claim.

If you need help with the claim form or communicating with the marine insurance company, LET US KNOW ASAP.    and

Timing:  45 days to register a claim, then 90 days to submit all supporting documents.

Bingo Sheet— note item numbers as they come off the truck.  Make sure trucker is doing this, or do it yourself.

     Missing items must be recorded there and immediate notice given to us and the insurance company.

Packing Lists–highlighting missing or damaged items and condition codes (“sc”, “br”)

Proof of Value:  invoice, prior insurance policy, pre-shipping photos, assessor document, quote from store or web site. 

Physical evidence –  broken or damaged items, even glass–save them until the claim is settled.

Damage Repair Estimates must include cost

A) estimate for replacement at destination in pre-shipping condition and

B) the likelihood that the damage was caused during shipping.   Verify your repairman can do that, before you invite him. 

Pictures of the damage:     closeup and from a distance.

Repair estimates exceeding 60% of replacement value–insurance may pay total loss and take possession of it.

          Click here to review the  Marine Insurance page.   

Damage to site:   Minor scuffing and nicking onsite is normal.   For serious issues, notify us and the delivery team immediately and record it on signed documents.   The responsibility is with the team, but we can help, if necessary.

Please note:    Insurance fraud is a serious crime and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.