Plan to arrive in Israel before your shipment

a few days before

Typical timing from arrival of the Vessel to Delivery:   The boat docks at Haifa within 24 hours of the predicted time, though delays are common.   Containers unload within two 8-hour shifts and are brought to Ashdod within 4 days.  If shared by more than 2 consignees, they are emptied at the port within 1 week.   Shipments clear customs within 2 days of arrival to Ashdod, assuming customs’ computers, your documents and those of the ship are in good order, with no inspections, wars, strikes, closures…

Documents required

Signable links to the following documents will be sent to you by email.  The links below are for your reference.

Customs Form

Customs Declaration (English)

Power of Attorney (English)

Bicycle Letter to Meches


 for both spouses whichever of these you have:

*Photo pages of foreign and Israeli passport

*Teudat Zehut

*Israel visa in foreign passport

*Invoices of new items

If you have a Teudat Oleh, send pages with


*list of your children

*stamp from Customs

If you have a letter/stamp of Toshav/Katin Hozer status, send that.

Your Customs Declaration

We draft one from your packing list, then, after making any changes you request, we send it to you for your electronic signature. The declaration is yours alone; please make sure it is accurate and complete. Customs rarely require original copies or that you visit the customs clearer’s office.

New Immigrant and Returning Minor

Tax privileges are registered with Customs when you receive your Teudat Oleh & Teudat Zehut.    Later on,  if your rights do not appear in their computer,  you will have to visit them or the Ministry of the Interior (Misrad HaPanim) in person.  Addresses and phone numbers are below.     You must keep any goods imported tax-free  for 6 years, so anything you are giving away or selling, you should pay taxes on.

Oleh/Katin without NBN

1st  Get Teudat Oleh from Misrad Haklita (10 days)

2nd Get a Teudat Zehut from Misrad HaP’nim (2 weeks)

3rd Register with Customs

Returning Resident

You must be living in Israel to get Returning Resident status.   When in Israel, provide your Teudat Zehut number to Meches here. If you do not receive approval , you will need to go in person to Customs.

If you suspended your customs/visa status, you will need to submit to Customs a Certificate of Entry and Exit (בירור כניסות ויציאות מהארץ) from the Interior Ministry (Misrad HaPanim).

You must keep any goods imported tax-free  for 6 years, so anything you are giving away or selling, you should pay taxes on.

Customs Offices, Sun-Thu, 8am-1:30pm:

  • Jerusalem: Kanfei Nesharim 66, Givat Shaul; Yael 02-6545607 / Mazal 02-654-5610 / Alisa 02-654-5602 / Ilana 02-654-5603 fax: 02-654-5616
  • Tel-Aviv: Israel Galilee 3a, Rishon LeTzion; 03-942-1703; fax: 03-942-1704
  • Haifa: Rechov HaAtzmaut 1; 04-835-4863; fax: 04-862-8469
  • Ashdod: Rechov Ha’Organim 2 (Forum Building); 08-851-0501; fax: 08-852-885

Ministry of the Interior

2 Kaplan St., Jerusalem 91061, Tel: 972-2-6701411
Fax: 972-2-6701628   Website: (Hebrew)

Customs/Security Inspections

For rates, click here. 

By Air:  expected.

By Sea:  spot-checks, X-rays ~1 in 25, or for cause.  Much less frequent for new immigrants.

What they are looking for:

contraband–weapons, seeds…                     Undeclared goods.                      Goods with misrepresented values.

electric scooters/bikes, multiples of permitted items (bbq, refrigerator, whiskey, more than personal use food)

Questions? Contact Daniel at or 02 673-5043 ext. 102. Customs clearing requires prompt, focused attention to improve the chance of success, though it is not guaranteed.