Things to consider

Every one of these has happened. We have seen long-term friendships break up over these kinds of events.

Shipping your own goods is complicated enough…


What if:

  • They ship contraband, strictly forbidden things, like an electric bike, scooter, or seeds  or goods that require special licensing?


  • They say they are shipping one thing, but actually ship 5 times as much.


  • They expect that you will be billing them according to your “more than minimum volume” rate, the lowest possible rate per cubic foot, when, by all rights you should bill them at least according to the “under minimum volume” rate, including their share of all the peripheral costs!    Most people have no realistic idea of what shipping really costs.


  • They don’t pay on time, dispute your measurements, your rate, or what charges they should pay for?


  • They ship taxable goods? Are you going to lose your rights or pay taxes on it?  In fact, ALL goods are taxable.


  • All or a portion of their goods gets lost or damaged?    Will they come after you?   Will they demand to search your house?   Will they still agree to pay for shipping it?   Will you have to handle the marine insurance claim, since the policy is in your name?   Will it complicate or delay any claims you have?


  • They insure with you, but fail to supply required documents or incorrectly represent their goods or the value of their goods


  • God Forbid, there is an emergency and you need to store your goods for a month or a year or send them back to where you came from?


  • The addition of your friends goods gets you to overflow, so some of your goods don’t fit in.


  • With multiple pickups, deliveries, insurances, etc…each person you add adds to potential complications and unexpected expenses (i.e. sorting).

If you still want to do this, here is how to bill them:

Make a signed agreement between you. We can help.

Take your total bill, and I mean your *total* bill, not your per cubic foot or anything else.

Ask us to have the goods measured.

We suggest you not charge less than 1.5 times your costs.

Make a written agreement signed by both of you (fax and emails are ok), before you accept any goods.