Types of All-Risk Insurance

Lump Sum

Lump Sum is, by far, the most efficient and reasonable, because you don’t have to worry about forgetting or over- or under-insuring goods. You only list items whose replacement value at destination is over $3,000. Every other item in the shipment is automatically insured for up to $3,000.  *The insured value of the total shipment is based on a minimum of $12/lb. If that multiple does not result in an appropriate value for the entire shipment, you must increase it.
deductible              Lump Sum           
$150                        2.65 %                       
$500                        1.98 %     
2.  Valued Inventory–requires a list with replacement values at destination of all items in your shipment.
deductible              Valued Inventory
$150                        3.10 %
$500                        2.65 %
At least 2 weeks before pickup (or first drop-off at origin warehouse, the earlier), email joan@kefintl.com required lists and make payment. If you have not notified us of an alternative by then, we will insure you and take payment for LumpSum without further notice.
Marine insurance is required and the minimum premium is $0.90/cubic foot (or $90, the greater). This requires an itemized list, and you can group items of similar value (eg. 200 books@$14 ea.)
Self-packed boxes: To insure for damage, not only loss, leave them unsealed, so packers can inspect,  repack as necessary, seal, and mark them “CP” (carrier-packed) instead of “PBO” packed-by-owner. (That costs extra if your shipment is not full-pack.) If you seal them yourselves, they can be insured up to $300 each, only for loss and theft, and only if you send us value and list of contents of each box (eg. books, clothes, etc.).

All billing and insurance inquiries should be sent to her as well at betty@kefintl.com


The phone number from the USA/Canada is 1-866-425-5224 extension 100

The phone number in Israel is 02-673-5043 extension 100


*It is important that you also indicate which deductible you are choosing.

*Marine Insurance rates are subject to change and the rates quoted in your contract are the actual rates for the services quoted.

Your Marine Insurance must be completed at least 2 WEEKs before your origin pickup/packing date

Marine Insurance Terms and Conditions

Important Marine Insurance Info

Please read this important marine insurance info.