Delivery of a partial container does not necessarily happen in the week or two after clearing customs.  See LCL Arrival notice moving to Israel.     Exclusive container shipments (FCL) are faster and more predictable than shared container shipments.

Contacts and Problems      We need phone numbers, yours and friends who can reach you.   If there are any problems, call Kef immediately.  Make sure you have the phone numbers of the two of the delivery crew and Kef directors.

Steps, Stairs, and Access   You must measure steps (where truck can park to the door of your home), count stairs (up, down, inside, outside), and describe and video possible problems with access.   If we don’t know about it in advance, it will be more expensive.

Delivery Date and Times    Tell us your preferred dates.   A date is a target, until you receive a confirmation.  We notify asap, though that can be only 12 hours before!     Ask to be notified of delays and to be called 45 minutes before their anticipated arrival.   Shipments, and all the components of the shipping process– containers, steamships, airplanes, trucks, crews, materials, drivers–can be early or late.   Whatever you believe or have heard or read the projected time frame to be—multiply it by 2–and then, understand that further uncertainty is not unlikely.

Cancellations and Delays   Deliveries can be cancelled suddenly, and delays of  3+ hours are not uncommon.   Though we do our best to keep deliveries during “normal” hours, there are occasions when they stretch into hours of darkness.    That happens only if it conforms to our best professional judgment.

Refusal to receive your shipment when offered     Refusing delivery incurs a fee and an uncertain delay for rescheduling–especially during summer, strikes, and holidays, when backlogs grow.

Children.  Unless they are in your arms or able to stay out of the way  arrange to have them elsewhere during the delivery.

Supervision.   Have 3+ people present to receive your shipment, one at the truck and the rest inside.   At the truck, one marks the bingo sheet for items received, and the other directs the porters.  Do your best, even if some stickers have fallen off.  Inside others remind them where things go.

Save parking spaces close to your door .   20’ container or less = minimum 3 spaces (13 meters)  40′ = min 4 spaces  (17 meters).  If you fail to save that amount of space within 25 meters (back of truck to your front door) YOU MUST LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY so we can decide whether it is cheaper or easier to do a long carry or use a shuttle.   Both cost extra money.

Expect 2-5 movers   Feel free to offer water, snacks,  or a meal for a big shipment.  This is NOT a requirement.    Do not help, except to say where items go and which to unwrap or assemble.

Elevators    Elevator, especially old ones, sometimes break or are unable to fit or carry large, heavy goods.   Kef does not take responsibility.  Give size, weight limits, and condition before delivery.    Some elevators are not of a size or strength to carry large items.

Difficult deliveries    If there may be difficult conditions, describe and send pictures/video immediately.    Examples: more than 25 meters truck door to door of apt/home , more than 28 steps up/down/inside/outside,  small or old elevator, narrow or sharp/windy street, overhanging trees, delivery above the 2nd floor, extra large, heavy, dense,  or unusual items (like safes), or many boxes over 20 lbs. each (i.e. books).   If you do not notify us, damages to goods or surroundings are at your risk, and there may be surcharges (for surprising us!)

Cranes   A  28-42 meter arm crane or a 3 story ladder crane helps with difficult access, high floors, tiny/old elevators, extra-heavy, dense, or delicate items,  and reduces risk to goods and walls.  There is a flat and an hourly fee.  Depending on type,  location, and duration there may be a savings over hand-carrying, if that is even an option.

Carpets    Make sure they are put down before the furniture.

Re-assembly    If you tell us in advance of the delivery day and ask the truckers, they will assemble simple, used furniture which our packers disassembled–simple beds, tables, one piece on another, dresser legs,  and cabinet doors    You must also tell us in advance if you may ask them to assemble wardrobes, bunkbeds, or complicated pieces for additional payment.  We suggest going to to find the best carpenters and handymen in your area. 

Empty space?    A mix of shapes and sizes results in unused space and settling, as in a cereal box.   Unless you have paid for a custom crate, lift vans and other standard crates are not built to the size of your goods, and generally take more space than pallets.   Delicates need empty space around them.     There is a direct relation between the safety of your goods and  generous use of space and packing materials both within and around packages/items.

Unboxing, unwrapping, uncrating    Boxes and crates are sometimes removed before delivery for better grip and access. If you let Kef know in advance of delivery  and request it truckers unwrap major furniture and appliances and put them where you want them.  If your home is a work site, leave them in packing.    Truckers do not unload pictures,  new furniture, dishes, ornaments, books, clothes, etc.

Losses     You or the trucker must mark your bingo sheet, noting items received, missing, or damaged.  Note if the seal of the container arrived opened.  Do your best, even if some stickers have fallen off.    

Damages to site or goods.     Show the foreman, record it on the delivery receipt and bingo sheet, have him co-sign, and keep a copy or photograph those documents.   Some damage to walls, banisters, etc. is unavoidable;  for major damage send us a written 3rd party repair estimate.     The responsibility is with the team, but we can help, if necessary.

Claims   Save broken items.   Received and missing items or boxes or goods whose outsides appears to be damaged must be written on the delivery and bingo sheets–or a piece of paper– signed by you and the delivery foreman.  You must keep copies or photograph them.     You have 45 days to make a claim and 90 days more to submit documents.

Tips are customary–they are NOT OBLIGATORY.     Before giving a tip, the foreman and you must sign and photo a bingo—a list of items received, missing, or damaged–and make a tour of premises to verify:  goods are where you want;  major appliances and furniture are out of packing, and simple used furniture disassembled by our crew is re-assembled;   gross debris is discarded near bins without blocking access.

Suggested tips for the entire delivery crew (not per person):

Dimensions Tipping Suggestion
Up to 200 cubic feet NS 300
200 – 700 cubic feet NS 500
20’ container NS 800
40’/40’ hc NS 1200/1400

Appliances The service company must confirm the site is right before installation. Ask truckers to unbox appliances and place them where you want them installed. Truckers can, for payment, take off the door of a fridge.

Removal of debris If you ask, truckers will remove large debris, bring it to the street, truck it away, or stack it near garbage bins. There are extra charges for goods removed from the site.

Timing is unreliable–shipments can be early or late. We do our best to keep to planned times and let you know when there are changes. We do not make promises or take responsibility for timing, changes, inaccurate information, or consequential damages. Delays occur at every stage—packing, pickup, loading, shipping, port handling, trains, unloading, customs clearing, and delivery.

Kef assumes no liability for loss or damage to goods or site, and any claims, whether made by your insurance company, yourself, or any other agent, would have recourse to Kef agents only – including but not limited to warehouses, steamships, forwarders, and truckers – and under no circumstances to Kef itself. If the customer does not pay their bill or make required decisions on time, Kef may at its sole discretion take any and all measures to reduce its expenses (eg. transferring goods to storage, clearing or not clearing the shipment through customs) which may increase expenses for the customer. Goods in storage can be moved by Kef or its agents without notice of any kind.