Before pickup–

  • Sort and label your goods by priority and destination.
  • Supply your Ein number before shipment.
  • Fill in the questionaire online or by email.
  • Submit your valued inventory of high-value goods, if you are using lump sum, or your complete marine insurance list, if you are using that method.
  • Let us know if—
    •  You need storage or multiple deliveries/pickups and where and when.
    •  There are difficult conditions at origin or destination.
    •  There is a piano, delicates, heavy items, goods which might be difficult or impossible to ship for any reason, many books, valuables, delivered/packed goods, goods to re-assemble. We can not guarantee that everything can be sent, but we will do our best!

Before the shipment arrives at the port–

  • Supply teudat zahoot, sign customs papers for customs clearing. The results of customs clearing can never be guaranteed–with prompt and focused effort, the chances for success are excellent.

At delivery–

  • Mark off goods on the “bingo” list as they are received.
  • Have more than one person receive the shipment.
  • Make note of damages to goods and surroundings.

After delivery–  File any insurance claims and give Kef feedback.

Please note:

  • Payments must be on time per your agreement.
  • Timing is approximate.
  • Volume is billed by the usable space taken up.  You can limit the volume and make sure that the right things are taken and the right things left.
  • All likely rates and fees are already in your signed agreement. They may change without notice.

Jerusalem courts have exclusive jurisdiction over disputes relating to this agreement and Kef may, for time and travail, claim 1.5x the amount owed.